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Art of Verbal Queuing with Elizabeth April

Clear communication from teacher to student during class is so important for many, many reasons when teaching movement. Creating a precise and even technical language for your classes will teach your students to work efficiently, safely, and with more integrity.

In this workshop we will learn…

  • how to organize your thoughts and cues.
  • begin to hone in to the specific area we want to move and discovering how to move one square inch of your students body with solely your words.
  • learn the safest joint of the body to move students from.
  • create not only single cues, but begin adding counter-cues to your repertoire.
  • start the process of getting off of your mat when teaching and give yourself the opportunity to truly look at your students closely, opening up the door to being more present in class.
  • can we teach the whys, anatomy, and alignment in class without getting to heady? It is possible, we will figure out how to layer these cues into your class without it being overwhelming to you or your student.

Join Elizabeth April for this 90 minute workshop, created for any teacher of movement. Workshop will be a combination of discussion and movement, wear your comfy clothes and bring a notebook if you wish!

Investment: $30

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