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Magnolia Basic Anatomy

Did you know that there over 600 skeletal muscles, 206 bones, 6 types of joints and thousands of tendons and ligaments make up the human body? Together, the muscles and skeleton (along with numerous other systems) allow specific movements at each joint allowing us to move (and shake!) freely during our beloved barre classes.

Join us for Magnolia Basic Anatomy to begin exploring the basic structure and function of our skeleton, muscles and supporting structures. Whether you are looking to deepen your practice, or become a more educated instructor, this fun and educational workshop is for you.

The Skeleton. In this session we will explore the framework that supports us reviewing the major bones and joints of the body and the various types of movements possible at each joint. This class takes ‘stacking your joints to a whole new level!’

The Core. You know we love to work the core in barre! And no, were not just talking about the abs. Come explore the muscles that not only hold us upright, but also hold in our internal organs and allow mobility of our trunk and spine. We’ll discuss ways to safely and effectively engage the core and yes, maintain neutral pelvis.

Thighs & lower leg. We LOVE thigh work (can you feel the shake already)?! But did you know the thighs include so much more than the ‘quads?’ And what are the quads anyway? We’ll explore the large and powerful muscles of the front and inner thigh as well as the smaller, but equally important muscles of the lower leg.

Shoulders & arms. What is the rotator cuff anyway and why do we vary the position of our hands while working biceps and triceps? Come explore not only the beefier muscles that cap our shoulders and define our arms, but important stabilizing muscles that help position the joint safely in place and prevent injury.

Hips and Hamstrings. FACT- the gluteus maximus is the biggest muscle in the body! And that’s just one of the THREE ‘glute’ muscles that assist in a variety of movement at, and stabilization of, the hip. We’ll also review what lies beneath exploring deep muscles that support and rotate the hip. Finally, we’ll explore the hamstring muscles along the back of the thigh.

Chest and Back. We’ll review these important opposing muscle groups and discuss ways to overcome common imbalances. These important and powerful ‘push’ and ‘pull’ muscles are so much more than just the commonly known pecs and lats.

Investment: $125 public or members / $110 Magnolia Teacher Trainees