Class Schedule

Hi fabulous students! We've received some questions about signing up for classes through our new website - we are so thrilled you're loving the new design and that our community is so enthusiastic! Magnolia classes are, and have always, been scheduled and purchased through a program called MindBody. Our old website allowed students to sign up right on the site, but now, the links below bring you directly to Magnolia's MindBody page. Through this page you can:

  • Sign up for classes & workshops
  • Purchase memberships & class passes
  • See which instructor is teaching each class

As always, please let us know if you have any questions. You can email us at, or come to class 15 minutes early and we'll take it from there!

All of our classes offer a dynamic, all-inclusive workout, and community atmosphere. To sign up for classes or view our instructor schedule, visit our MindBody site. Our small, fun and effective classes will challenge your body while keeping your mind engaged. Grab your favorite comfortable, movable clothes, and meet us on the mat!